Review This is the Police 2

Review This is the Police 2 — the continuation of a police drama about Jack Boyd

Mr Taravati state-produced for modding and Board games.

The original game from Weappy Studio turned out to be a diamond in the rough mountains of projects from independent developers, providing a great combination of visual novel, detective and Manager. The sequel is the same way but shows the hard life of the police on the other side. Literally.

The plot This is the Police 2

The game continues the development of the storyline laid down in the original, which came out 2 years ago. History spinning around Jack Boyd — now a former COP, whose violent activities have led to an actual partnership with the mafia. When a “dark Affairs”, found out the public, Boyd was forced to go into hiding.

Review This is the Police 2 — the continuation of a police drama about Jack Boyd

They brought him in the provincial town of Sapwood, where for a long time the police are grappling with a gang of drug dealers — “Neckties”. Ironically, Jack gets involved in the case and goes to jail. The only way to prove his innocence to heroin under the floorboards is to help investigators solve a complicated case. And only Jack knows how!

As in This is the Police, the plot of the second part is served very seriously, without any discounts that it is a game. The story is revealed slowly and in detail, and the characters worked out to the smallest detail, even have even and individuals is really not. Especially cool played the unenviable fate of the Boyd — even behind bars he still manages to get in a variety of situations.


Continuing the plot of the original, the developers are not forgetting and about another of its advantages.

This is the Police 2 almost always gives a choice. Every situation can be solved in different ways, thus, in any case, the player receives a logical development of the plot. The story in this game in the first place, but this does not mean that the gameplay is decommissioned to the scrap.

Review This is the Police 2 — the continuation of a police drama about Jack Boyd

As the first part, very soon after the beginning of the passage, the player gets access to a few basic mechanics. First, there is a global map where you can see certain interesting sights. They need to equip police forces. Alas, the budget of Sharpvue is extremely limited, and therefore often have to make choices — where to send a well-armed crew, and a few newcomers.

Once in place, the police collect evidence and detain suspects and interrogate witnesses. Dialogues with those and with others have different answers, while the performance depends on the actions of the player. All the facts are documented, but to solve the case, you need to place them in the correct order. It is decorated in the form of mini-games.

The combat system

It is, in fact, the only fundamental difference This is the Police from the original. After a visit to the site the police sometimes face with armed criminals.

Review This is the Police 2 — the continuation of a police drama about Jack Boyd

You need to confront them in a special combat mode, which is almost identical to the battles in XCOM 2 — those 2 actions, partial and full cover and so on.

But there are differences. The player’s task — to detain criminals, not shoot them. Of course, you can make a “bloodbath”, but then left without a clue and then the case will fall apart. So the villains have to beat with batons, to stun with a Taser. There are even special perks for breaking of doors and other tactics.

Technical performance

Graphics for 2 years has not changed, still the same minimalistic, but expressive. Thanks to the well-chosen sounds it does not spoil the impression of the game, rather the opposite —attached it a certain charm.

Review This is the Police 2 — the continuation of a police drama about Jack Boyd

We should praise the developers of Weappy Studio for a great selection of actors. This was better than the first part. Russian localization of texts is also carried out efficiently, in 6 hours the game bugs was observed.

This is the 2 Police cannot be called a qualitatively new game, a full sequel, but the developers do not need it: they wanted to continue a great story, and they did it.

To follow the development of a police drama is very interesting, and the variety of situations and game mechanics only fuels this interest. The game can be recommended to almost anyone who likes a good story in games.

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