WarioWare Gold — it’s me, Wario!

The name of the hero Vario Russian players first heard from a leading transmission “Dandy — the New reality”, Sergey Suponeva. In the 90s uncle Sergei described the anti-hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, as “militant Mario.” In a sense, his words are far removed from the truth.

What’s all the fuss?

Vario really insanely crafty, and spoiling for a fight. That’s the only difference from Mario impersonation of good intentions and altruism, all of the strengths outshines the Vario one weakness — an inordinate greed.

More gold he loves only gold. Good things, bad things — most importantly, to be able to hit the jackpot. Therefore, the plot of the WarioWare Gold greedy for wealth barbel once again decides to raise easy money by playing on people’s love of video games.

Vario, gathering a bunch of friends, announced the start of the tournament for the passage of the most crazy microgr! Entrance to the event, of course, paid. But you can win and beat the spent gold, depends on you.

What is microgrid?

What a “microgrid”? As a rule, small playing skits that require the player lightning fast response. For example, the Vario in the house was breaking, a clerk in a business suit. Not to let him in, I very quickly press “A” in a matter of seconds. If you have time to do it right, you after animated cutaways will immediately switch to the next mikropro. And so to the final boss level!

The boss level is different from the usual microgr complexity and amount of time allotted for completion. How do you this task: to pass the level in the original Super Mario Bros., spinning the console for movement of the character. The challenge for experienced fans of platformers, what can I say.

There are 300 (!) mini-games divided into four types. They differ from other schemes of control: push button, tilt the console, use the touch screen, speak or blow into the microphone. You can still use your amiibo in a separate bonus microhire not included in the main campaign.

WarioWare Gold microdry very cleverly alternates between them. Even familiar to the player elements are carefully masked geeky visual design or appearance of additional complexity. It is impossible to get bored. Yes, and how, when Mario size Gangemi fights with Bowser, reminiscent of Godzilla.

The format of the chain of microgr, successive after a few seconds, great for a portable console. Opened 3DS, earned a gold for completing the fun sketches, I closed the game and went on to do important things.

In microgrid fun to play?

The fun derived from mini-games depends on their unpredictable nature. It is very difficult to guess what you need in a few seconds. So you tried to move the recumbent player to hit the ball. And after a moment, you have to repeat exactly the movements of a cat under a light hip-hop. Crazy!

After some time, the Vario will give you a new test — combination of multiple types of microgr. Only you blew into the console, and now needs with the speed of the blue hedgehog to hitting the crossbar. Another moment and the console should tilt from side to side.

All these manipulations with the transitions between microcosms cause some inexplicable excitement and excitement.

The situation in the campaign in which you need to pass microgrid, too, is always unpredictable. Don’t be fooled by early at the stadium. For a long time could you hold the Vario. After it you will meet a group of heroes with their short stories.

For example, Kate and Ana (Kat and Ana) learn all the intricacies of the craft ninjas… eating all that will make grandma. And student 18-Walt (18-Volt) decides to win in a rap battle, to return a collection of video games casual passerby.

Each level in the game is accompanied by cut-scenes, like snippets from a Comedy anime. All the characters sounded great. The English voices perfectly reflect their personalities and complement the way. Take the witch Ashley, whose face froze dissatisfaction and boredom. Her voice is full of disdain and fatigue. Even the battle with the demon king slightly changed her tone.

And that there is also microgames in WarioWare Gold?

In addition to the campaign, there is still extra content that you need to gradually open. Throwing gold coins in a special apparatus with toys, you can get random prizes. You can come across as mini-game and some iconic items from the history of Nintendo.

The aforementioned mini-games from the machine is the coolest that you can to fall out. Many will probably love Matroid (Mewtroid). It is necessary to control a space cat with a gun, jettisoned from alien invaders. The gameplay is simple, as five cents. Fought off waves of enemies, wait for the next.

But the musical theme of Metroid, performed mewing cats during mini-games, constructs of what is happening on the screens of the 3DS to some unimaginable level of self-irony, comparable to the album, Meow the Jewels.

Also in WarioWare Gold have competitive mode. You can organize a battle with each other for the title of the toughest player in microgrid. A good option for those who love going to meetings is Nintendo fans.


WarioWare Gold is a colorful festival of mini-games. The game is the amount that you need to spend a few evenings studying all the available content. They perfectly reveal all the possibilities of the portable console Nintendo 3DS, using in the gameplay gyroscopes, touch screen and microphone.

Whether unfamiliar with the series of games about Wario WarioWare try Gold? Definitely! Perhaps the most unusual and whimsical project, available on the Nintendo 3DS at the moment. 300 microgr you will surely find dozens of those, that would be interesting for you to replay in isolation from the campaign.

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