Review of the Persistence — mix of Doom and Dead Space for VR

Chemeris Gennadievna the news and States 2003 in the subject. Madly in love with Survival Horror and Sci-Fi.
The genre of science fiction often combined with horror, to the unusual mix, like Alien. Studio Firesprite, known for The Playroom decided to try myself in this format, adding in the usual formula, VR. The developers have released a Sci-Fi action with horror elements The Persistence.

The plot

The game takes us in the future on a ship called The Persistence. For unknown reasons, the ship was near a black hole, which all crew members were either dead or turned into horrible mutants. We Wake up on Board the ship and hear the voice of some girl who asks to help her fix her ship to leave the location of the anomaly. The main character is a girl-a clone, the body of which is printed on a special printer.

The heroine is asked to find the cause of failure and fix a broken system, to which it naturally agrees. After this short dialogue begins our journey, which conceals lots of dangers. Immediately it is worth noting that the game, though not fixated on the story, she still manages to create some intrigue and a desire to get to the truth. Where are all these creatures? What exactly happened with the team? Who is this mysterious girl who agreed to save us? To find the answers to all these questions are interesting throughout the game.


A distinctive feature of The Persistence is the gameplay. The game combines several genres: science fiction, horror, and Thriller. Now add to this cocktail of stealth and procedural generation of levels, so that the product has high replay value. Every time after the death of objects, enemies and even the levels will change, which makes it impossible to get used to what is happening.

As a horror game is unable to induce goosebumps. Apparently, before the developers and is not aimed to scare. First and foremost The interest Persistence. From the first minute, we bring such a flurry of diversity that it is difficult to understand without a proper manual. Unfortunately, many mechanics have to learn on their own, though in the game is the training. For example, is initially very difficult to understand what makes a particular item in the inventory and how it will affect enemies if to activate it. The game pushes us to practice all possible forces.

As mentioned above, The Persistence is replete with diversity. In the game you can teleport, shoot, blow up, use the energy screen, become invisible, and to stab myself reinforcing skills drugs. However, even this is not all that pleased with the product. All skills and items purchased for special glasses, scattered locations. The more we find the better weapons or the ability to buy yourself. After the death of all found lost except for those with the most points. Thus, the game pushes us to more carefully examine the enemies and use the environment.

The level of hardcore and General mechanics The Persistence like the recent addition of Prey: Mooncrash: the same random generation, the same science fiction … and a high complexity. In VR — it’s a good way to pass a few evenings.

Graphics, sound and control

For PSVR-game the Persistence looks quite nice. There are no overly blurry textures, horrible detail, and poor lighting. All looks very good for the game in virtual reality for 2018. The visual style just a bit not up to the technical side. Despite the fact that the levels have random generation, it looks like something similar.

As for the enemies, everything here is good. Initially, we are faced with the usual mutants, but several hours later, the bestiary is filled with robots and huge bosses, reminiscent of the demons from Doom. The animation is poor, but this sin almost all the games for VR.

Sound was good, but bland. The soundtrack is reminiscent of Sci-Fi horror movies of the 90s, which ultimately creates the right atmosphere of cosmic horror. In some aspects, the game resembles the movie “blind horizon” which is more a plus than a minus. Localization was subjected to only the text, and he translated not the best way. Subtitles too quick to disappear, because which simply do not have time to read the dialogue. Important objects like workbenches for some reason decided not to translate.

The management is all very well, except for the lack of support the PS Move. In a game where you need to teleport and shoot at monsters, these controllers would be a good addition to the overall impression. However, even on a normal gamepad is very comfortable to play, including the targeting and interaction with objects. Feelings of nausea occurs. The game even has three special settings to choose a suitable management mode. For collecting items and opening doors, just look at the object. Very convenient for a VR game.

Interface ambiguous. The health bar and other elements located in a convenient location, but the map looks kind of weird. In order to fully look around, it is sometimes necessary to perform a turn of 360 degrees, provided that the room conditions and the availability of a web of wires is not always possible. It would seem a trifle, but the inconvenience delivers.

The results

The Persistence is the rare case when VR, the game is just a game, not a ride for 1-2 hours. From the first minute, she creates intrigue, gradually increasing its gameplay variety. Here we give some shooting and play cat-and-mouse.

As a result, developers get a sort of mixture of Doom, Dead Space, and something of his. Is this bad? Of course not. Is it worth the money? Definitely Yes. Do I need to play the VR owners? If you love science fiction and horror, it is more likely than not. In comparison with other products for PS VR The Persistence looks pretty decent.

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