As for Fallout 4 to make a lot of money on settlements – Settlements are an integral part of the gameplay

Fallout 4, however , not all players develop them. This is justified because their construction and maintenance requires manual work, and the defense placed a heavy burden on the shoulders of the player. But not so simple and in this guide we will explain how you can make money on settlements.

Immediately warn that you need to have the full version of Fallout 4, especially useful add-ons for Studio — Contraptions, Vault-Tec and Wasteland. Even without one of them the possibility of arrangement of settlements will be severely limited. A stretch you can do without the Far Harbor and Nuka-World.

The basis of any settlement are its inhabitants, and their maximum number does not depend on the size of the settlement or living conditions, and is determined by a simple formula — the level of charisma of the character + 10. For example, a character with a level of charisma in 8 settlements will live 18 residents.

To make settlements, it is better to have a character from level 20, as needed the following features and perks:

  • you need to invest at least 6 points in “Charisma” and better 8;
  • the perk “Collector covers” need to pump 2, to obtain discounts in shops when buying and a higher price when selling;
  • you need to collect all logs of “Tales of the trader in Junktown” in order to have a discount on the purchase of resources, will need many of them and you can save well;
  • the perk “Local leader” has to be pumped to 2;
  • the perk “Strong ridge” is necessary to pump 3, to transfer more resources to building the next settlement.

Depending on the preferred type of earnings may require the following perks (requires character level 36 and above):

  • “Strong range” 4 to become available quick move in excess of maximum weight;
  • “Collector covers” on 3, to increase the amount of money from the seller in the store;
  • “Party animal” 2 that the effect of alcohol has increased in 2 times;
  • “Chemist” is also pumped by 2 to effects from drugs acted twice as long;
  • “Science” first level requires 6 points in parameter “Intellect”, this perk will allow you to build a Large waste water treatment plants that produce plenty of purified water.
  • If you do not want to bother with the settlements, but simply to earn, it is enough for 20 people.

Anyone can legally manipulate the gameplay to be in settlements of 30 to 36 residents. For this early in the game, bleed charisma to 10, after the prologue, lower charisma “chic” and use the magazine SPECIAL! to raise it to 9. Through time, the effect of the drug pass, and the parameter will be equal to 11. Also find the same doll — and that charisma the character is 12.

A further point was the clothing worn by a character — a regular or elemental. Often charisma increase fashionable costumes, or unique items “sharp” series of armor that drops in legendary enemies. Correctly wearing character can obtain up to another 8 points to charisma. Read more about the armor you can find in our guide “the Best armor Fallout 4 + Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World”.

You only have to drink any beer (+1) and take drugs (grape mentati will give +5 to charisma, gluconat +3, X-cell +2) and get 22-26 points of charisma. Where to look for them, read the guide “the Most lethal drugs in Fallout 4”.

Concomitant use of beer and drugs, summarizes the effect of increasing charisma, while receiving the same drug or drink to prolong the effect. Don’t forget about “addicton” or perks to protection from the dependency.

Game mechanics of income and expenses from the settlements of Fallout 4

Just say that the construction and development of settlements in Fallout 4 is a long — term investment that will pay off only if you spend in the game a long time. For simplicity, all the accounts agree that each settlement is home to 20 residents.

To answer the question of how to get rich in the settlements of Fallout 4, you need to understand how the game mechanics of settlements and trade in Fallout 4. There are different ways to generate income settlements:

  • the construction of several shops for the daily receipt of covers as tax and private trade with sellers;
  • farm watermelon with settlers and their selling Lucy’s farm Abernathy– simple version without pitfalls, but require additional time;
  • farm purified water in large quantities for resale — the classic version, which is not as simple as it seems;
  • analysis of debris settlers have a special machine for subsequent processing at base resources;
  • since 60-70 level can sell the surplus of goods that you create yourself, with your perks.
  • Now let’s talk about costs. As such, the settlement is worth nothing, the main costs you will incur in the construction, because the missing resources (wood, iron, concrete, bolts, oil, and others) will have to buy from suppliers. Their list can be found in the guide to settlements.

The mechanics of the settlements is that residents it does not matter where and how they live. They require only a basic set of resources that have 1-2 of the item to exceed. any shape of bed, but they must be under roof;

food from the farm: every resident brings 6 units of food, so enough for 3-4 people for 18-24 units of food. You can use the brahmin to generate a surplus;

the water is 20 points, which should get a desalination plant or a few larger plants, so that the surplus can be sold;

and “points of protection” that needs at least three times greater than the number of inhabitants.

Another characteristic influencing the income is happiness. The higher it is, the more covers or trash will pay or get settlers. Usually, if produced basic resources consumed above the happiness is around 76 to 80 points. Raise it to 100 is more difficult — build cages with gorillas, more bars and health care facilities, slot machines (do not require people on the content!), the soda machines or formoterol.

Also, the more robots in the settlement, the less it happily, but the easier the lines, because if the robot will kill his mind, but the dead settler was a trader greatly and permanently reduce the level of happiness. We do not recommend using more than two robots in each village.

Stores make money on Fallout 4

Cover from the shop are generated once in a game day, and you should spend the time playing — the wait, sleep or fast travel are not included. During the day, the settlement will bring no more than 50 caps, regardless of 3 it stores or 10. The specific number depends on the level and type of shop, but the difference is small and amounts to 1-2 caps. Read more you can calculate in the calculator.

With 100% satisfaction of the residents to get 50 caps, is enough to put one store of General goods (16), armor (18) and arms (18) in their large version. In fact, you should accrue 16+18+18=52 cap, but will give only 50. These three types of stores bring the most money, while a bar and a fashion shop only for 15 caps each, and the clinic least of all 13 caps, regardless of version.

Each item of trade increases the mood of the inhabitants on the 1st, in addition to a large bar and clinic — they are on 2. You can use it in the case that the contentment of the residents is falling. In other situations, you can build more stores for one purpose only — to sell them water or other expensive items, which we will discuss next.

Generation covers not depends on how much in the settlement of free or busy residents, whether it is connected with other settlements and where it is located. Main, that it was more than 5 residents. The village with 3 shops and 6 settlers will give the same amount of caps, how much the settlement with 15 stores and 36 settlers. Cover can be picked up from the workshop, the submenu “Miscellaneous”:

Now let’s calculate. A large store of weapons and armor are worth 3 000 caps each, large clinic — 1 800 caps, a large bar and the usual trade items 1 500, and clothes — 1 000. Therefore, 3 big shop will cost 7 800 covers, at a 100% level of satisfaction on the day they will bring a total of 50 caps, so the construction of the stores will be paid back only 156 days!

It is possible to build average store weapons and armor for 1000 caps each, large clinic, and a large bar — and spent 5 300 caps. Then at the 83 % level of satisfaction you can get 50 caps a day and these investments will pay off in 126 days. This is unacceptable, since this term is approximately equal to the time of passage.

Therefore, you need something to sell in their stores. However, the developers at Bethesda knew that the players will easily break the balance of caps Fallout 4, and in this regard they put to trade a number of limitations that can be summarized as “it’s not hard to find water and other items, how to find a seller with lids” all sellers of these types of stores have the same inventory. Total inventory refers to the total money. If you sold in the weapon shop water on all the money of the seller, nor in the neighbouring settlement nor the seller on the other end of the Commonwealth in exactly the same shop money is not, moreover, whether it’s a small shop or a large — level is ignored.

In this regard, it is unnecessary to build shops of all 6 types in each settlement, enough for 3-4 most profitable. Once you need to build 6 stores in one settlement — the most secure and sturdy to sell at one point all the surplus of the collected resources.

Keep in mind that the total inventory of sellers is restored in 48 hours, and you can wait or sleep.

Second, the perk “Collector covers” will invest 500 caps in any store, which really means one simple thing — the stock caps, this store will grow by 500 permanently. Simply put, spending 3, 000 caps to increase cash in the pockets of the sellers of your 6 stores, the stock caps will increase in all stores of all other settlements.

Usually if the seller has 300-600 caps, after investing you will get sellers with a stock of 800 — 1 100 caps. This will save you from complex searches to those sellers, who still have money.

Thirdly, more caps when you sell your product you can earn with a high charisma pumped perk “Collector covers” bobblehead “Exchange” and the magazine “bike trader in Junktown”. Consequently, more goods can be stored for sellers of diamond city, Asylum 81, Neighbourhood and bunker hill.

Fourthly, the settlers-merchants give a discount for friendship only after the assignments for settlement, so do these quests.

Make money by selling watermelons in Fallout 4

In this embodiment, does not need any special perks or rare resources, it is simple and perfect for the start of the game. Its drawback — the monotony of the process of the Pharm.

Early in the game Preston Garvey will take you to the farm in Abernathy, where you have to complete five quests. As soon as possible agree with Lucy Abernathy about selling their watermelons, for each it will give 3 covers, but can be persuaded to buy 5.

The point is that Lucy can buy as many watermelons as you have, even 1 000, it is not limited in money. The deal is valid until you pass the quest “Return the Favor”, but it is better not to take. If you already passed, that at the meeting, Lucy will remind you about the watermelons, but the desired option in the dialogue will not appear.

You just need to grow watermelons — better suited for this, Sanctuary hills — there is a lot of land and go close. Place a large farm with watermelons 100-120 (for processing need 10 people) or more and every day harvest. In the County farm Abernethy there are 4 settlements, which can also grow watermelons.

Unlike water, watermelon respawn every 24 hours, you can sleep through day game, fast travel to another location and come back to collect them — it will take about 10 minutes. Having pumped the settlement, will not be difficult to sell on the day of watermelons per 1,000 caps.

Make money on purified water in Fallout 4

Purified water — the option to be rich, has already become a classic, but it is not a quick and here’s why. Each jar of clean water is 10-12 caps to get sufficient funds necessary to build industrial waste water treatment plants and medium sized power generators.

This will require the perk “Science” and rare components, such as copper (80), bolts (90), the gear (30) and oil (40) for 10 elements. Not the fact that your character will be in the beginning.

Water is generated once in the game day, and you should spend the time playing — the wait, sleep or fast travel are not included. During the day, 10 plants will produce 280-290 cans of water, and game day is 72 minutes real time.

You can sell them to your dealers for 3 000 — 3 500 covers, but we remember that they will update your inventory in two days, so that the excess water the next day have to sell it to the merchants from the Commonwealth. Therefore, we should not build more than 10 systems for water purification — the surplus is simply no one will sell.

Based on sales of products in Fallout 4

In addition to these two options trade at higher levels new types of goods that could be sold profitably, albeit sporadically.

The drugs — “rad-away”, “addicto” and stimulants are expensive and are often found among the raiders, super mutants and arrows. It makes no sense to keep it rather sell the surplus.

“Screw” is easy to manufacture a drug, requiring basic resource plastic and fertilizer produced brahmin, through feeders, is supplied in each settlement. Sold more water, and Bobby de Luca from the Asylum 81 can buy it for 75 caps for 1 piece.

the cartridges — they are inexpensive, but if they sell in the scale of Lord of war, it is possible to extract up to 2,000 caps per day. You will need to build a conveyor line for the production of ammunition from the add-on Contraptions.

At high levels of play, when the character and the settlers have the necessary, all unnecessary parts of the legendary armor and weapons to sell, gain from 200 to 500 caps per item.

Earn basic resources through settlements

The last way to get rich, even if intangible — is the waste collection and processing at base resources. For this in each village need to build stations for sorting garbage and add to them resident:

If the settlement 20 residents, 10 of them can work at the garbage station, generating, depending on the level of happiness, from 17 to 20 units of garbage per day, what will it be, the game determines randomly. Moreover, each village will have its own set of trash — more than plastic, metal, rubber or concrete, with a high chance to get rare components, like fiberglass or gears.

The point is that in Fallout 4, you can build about 30 settlements, if you connect them together via trade routes, the day you will have up to 600 pieces of debris, and you can take it to my inventory from anywhere. Garbage is generated once in the game day, and you should spend the time playing — the wait, sleep or fast travel are not included.

Well, then it should be easy to disassemble for resources, thereby providing a sufficient number of resources! How to do it you can read in our guide for the production of ammunition in Fallout 4.

If given the settlements enough attention the day they can get more than 1 600 units of wood, 1 steel 400, 800 concrete and 50-200 units of rare resources. Add to that 1 500 caps in the form of taxes from the shops and 3 000 caps sold in the form of water — and life in Fallout 4 no longer seem so grim.

We define earnings as the difference between revenues and expenditures. With the income figured out, now we need to talk about what the costs will be on settlement and how to minimize them.

For game important figures, and as you build your settlement in fact it is not important. Consequently, the settlement can and should save money, especially if you don’t belong among the aesthetes who love the perfect order of conditions close to reality.

What we offer is to build a big box in 3-4 floors made of wood, measuring 3 by 4 or 4 by 4, which fits all inhabitants, shops, generators, station, analysis of debris, etc. Nearby, in a fenced perimeter with a separate entrance, place a vegetable garden and installation of water.

The construction of the box 3 on 3 will cost about 600 units of wood and 150 steel:

Box is the most simple way to protect your settlers. The fact that occasionally the colony will attack. This can occur no more frequently than once a week with a probability of 2% multiplied by the amount of resources that you keep in the settlement.

Free resources in the workshop settlement

attract raiders, mutants, orcs, and rusty devils from the Supplement Automatron. At the light can see, even a Death Claw. What will you do with the surplus, sell, or hide in the box, the game only takes into account what is in the workshop.

Usually around every village has 2-3 spawn points of enemies for the attack worse, in large settlements the game will spawned enemies right inside, between buildings and shops. Therefore, to build protection and privacy fence around the perimeter is not easier to defend the main building.

Compact, high-rise accommodation of the inhabitants, turrets, shooting all the key points and approaches, and installation of only the necessary — house, for example, constructed from the base components, and all generators, security guard, shops, station, analysis of the debris and another hidden inside, along with beds.

Saved by the layout of the Khrushchev era resources better spent on building the next settlement!

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