Tips, strategy, and tactics for the game Clash Royale

If you need help for Clash Royale, then you’ve come to the right place. We will tell you how to become successful in this game thanks to valuable tips, techniques, strategy, and tactics. Also, you will find recommendations for card decks and read a review about Clash Royale. And of course, you could share your experience of the game, because we will share with you the advice of experienced players in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale: we are waiting for your participation

Let’s say that there are many ways to succeed in the Clash Piano, and very often little that leads to victory or defeat. But such details, unfortunately, are overlooked, and it is because of this that we decided to put together our complete guide. It contains a brief overview for beginners and more experienced players for you to get even more enjoyment from this game. So I advise you to download the application The Free Gems for Clash Royale.

Some of the advice in this article may seem evident to advanced users but do not forget that everyone has to start from some starting point.

Clash Royale: tips for beginners

At the very beginning of the game, you should pay attention to a balanced combination of your units, and this will also be true for subsequent scenes of the game. The first advice you choose not only strong units, which also cost a lot of elixirs. Also, don’t panic if you get a strong opponent or when the tower is already lost. Someone in a rush has already failed!

When the end of the game is one minute, do not immediately throw into battle all units. Pay attention to the fact that your tower and the tower of the King (Central tower) were protected.

Question to you: What other advice can you give to beginners?

Advice from an experienced player Hans Gotcha

Hans suggests using the giant and the archers first. Then you can repeat this combination until you capture the first tower. Then you can go to the defense and see how the enemy will react.

Players who have reached the third level, Gutch recommends the use of so-called “Prince tactics”: the player sends a force that can withstand a massive onslaught, and then the troops with flying units. Note that Hans often used a balloon, and then sent the Prince. He uses such tactics until the enemy is defeated.

Clash Royale: tips for decks

  1. Any player in Clash Royale needs not only sophisticated tactics but also a functional layer of cards. Let’s say that in this game there is no ideal deck and ideal tactics. However, to succeed, you must follow these rules:
  2. As noted in the tips for beginners, do not fight only with expensive units and send just cheap units into battle.
    You have to have units that are fast, groups that are well opposed to flying units, units that destroy towers, and units that specialize in defense.
  3. Your cards must match your preference for combat. If you play aggressively, choose units that can move quickly. However, those who prefer defensive tactics should use units that can withstand significant damage. Although is worth have and those and other.

Question to you: what cards are in your deck, and why do you get such cards? (specify your level).

Clash Royale: tactics and strategy

A player who does not respond quickly to the actions of his opponent and sends forward a few units has little chance of winning the Clash Royale. Players also need to think about how they are going to hold the competition. Here are some simple tips to help you decide on your strategy.

  1. Do not start the game until the elixir level is complete (10), and only then enter your cards into the game.
    Protect infantry troops with the help of active combat units. Put in front of them, for example, a giant, and behind them – a bomber.
  2. Secure your victory. If you have already defeated the enemy tower, then you have the advantage and can freely respond to enemy attacks. This applies primarily to active players, and it is desirable to focus on the destruction of the tower in defense.
  3. If you see that one of your towers will soon be destroyed, send your troops to the enemy turret tower. Very often she not in able help in the fight for the tower, with little energy, and often it can be destroyed with the help fireball.
  4. Your towers can serve as a good defense against many opponents. For example, if not too strong goblins attack from a Goblin hut, you don’t have to use a secure unit to defend. The tower can get a little damage, but in General, it will not be critical for it.
  5. Units that can quickly destroy towers (knights, giants, etc.) are not too reliable, and other combat units can outperform them. It makes sense to keep them away from the tower and put the building on their way (for example, the house of the leprechaun).

Question to you: what strategy and tactics do you use?

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