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Come Sbloccare i guerrieri nascosti. Radish — Battete Radish con Goku. Vegeta — Battete Vegeta con Goku. Recoome — Battete Recoome con Goku. Ginyu — Battete Ginyu con Goku. Freezer — Battete Freezer con Goku. Gohan Ragazzo — Portate a termine il gioco con Gohan Bambino. Cell — Battete Cell con Gohan Ragazzo.

I switch the label before I am to receive important guests at my home I read an article in Popular Mechanics which suggested the anti-bugging power of urine as an alternative to traditional wiper fluids. Been having more nasty, unsavory thoughts about Ron Popeil. The image of him standing upon the Acropolis in Athens, bearing a toga and with several of his imaginative products strewn about at his feet, will not leave my belabored mind. The progenitor of Ronco, the greatest clearinghouse of useless products every assembled. Why must I suffer? Ancient society would have undoubtedly benefited from his ingenuity. Ron came along at the wrong time.

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