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Casino VIP Club

Please read the individual comments for more details on the casinos we have visited. The absence of the above icon does not mean that the casino is not satisfactory - just that we haven't been there. Please note We've been there - we've gambled there and here's what we think. Open: Non stop - 24 hours a day Atmosphere: Very pleasant indeed Croupiers: Quite good - some pit bosses take their job a little too seriously though. Crowd: Pleasant mix of tourist with some local punters.

Unlock new levels and discover delicious surprises. Get your winning trophies in the slot machine games. Authentic slots machines designed by casino professionals. Descrizione del prodotto The Dreamland of Vegas is at your fingertips—and free to play! Want exclusivity? Come and chill at our slots casino VIP lounge. Here is the place for high-rollers with exclusive slot casino games! We will treat you like VVIP that you are!

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